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The 2018 World Literacy Council Awards are now open for nominations. The previous awards at the 2015-2016 at the World Literacy Summit in Melbourne were awarded as follows: The award for the most Improved Country for Literacy went to Burundi. The award for the Literacy NGO went to Pratham Deli The award for the changemaker

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A new monthly newsletter

All organisations affiliated with the World Literacy Council will be receiving a copy of our monthly newsletter. As well as having news on the latest developments at head office and preparation for the World Literacy Summit in 2018, the newsletter is also a forum for our affiliated members to send information about their latest programs

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Dr Hellen Inyega

WLC Annual Global Literacy Prizes

The 2015 Annual Conference also saw the inauguration of the WLC Annual Global Literacy Prizes. Strong gains are being made and champions of literacy need to be acknowledged. Dr Hellen Inyega was awarded the Change Maker of The Year Award The honour was bestowed on Dr Inyega to commend her strong leadership and devotion to

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Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

Aboriginal Literacy Foundation – Member in Focus

Vision The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation believes that positive and practical change to closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people starts with literacy and numeracy. Our vision is for a future where all Indigenous children can pursue quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the country. Mission Statement The

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