The World Literacy Council is an international NFP dedicated to the improvement of global literacy.


3 years ago
WLC set to announce new date for 2016 World Literacy Summit. Stay tuned! #literacy
3 years ago
Just a heads up - the WLC website is under re-construction - please keep on twitter and FB for all WLC information. #literacy
3 years ago
Very proud to have Mrs Ifeoma Esiri @EsiriIfeoma join our WLC Ambassadors Circle #literacy #changemaker WorldLitCnl photo
3 years ago
WLC 2015 Leadership in Indigenous Literacy awarded to the late Steve Johnson. Accepted by Heather Hardy #literacy WorldLitCnl photo


World Literacy Council
World Literacy Council4 months ago

The World Literacy Summit 2018 Awards are now open. Please follow the link for further information

World Literacy Council
World Literacy Council6 months ago

We forget or are unaware of how important a book to a child can be.
What a wonderful initiative.

World Literacy Council
World Literacy Council9 months ago

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World Literacy Council
World Literacy Council11 months ago

The Chair has sent a letter out to the board members regarding next year's World Literacy Summit.

World Literacy Council
World Literacy Council12 months ago

Oxford: March 24-27, 2018

The third World Literacy Summit will concentrate on literacy as a game-changer in people's lives. The theme will be 'Literacy: Yes We Can'. The summit will bring together the leaders of literacy in all...

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