World Literacy Summit 2023

The World Literacy Summit in Oxford 2023 carries on a tradition going back to the first World Literacy Summit in Oxford in 2012. The World Literacy Summit is an opportunity for literacy organisations and individuals to be involved in some of the most up to date and innovative literacy developments. The Summit not only covers literacy in remote or developing areas, but also literacy or the decline in literacy skills in the inner cities in the developed world. We also examine other effects on literacy. The role of Information Technology, the needs of literacy in the modern workforce, and the change in language and terminologies worldwide. This is an excellent opportunity to become part of a most important movement.

Although it is far preferable to attend the 2023 summit in person, there will be an online version for those unable to attend.

Full details will be provided over the next few months.

For more information, click here to visit The World Literacy Summit website.