World Literacy Summit 2020


The World Literacy Council is once again proud to be sponsoring the World Literacy Summit to be held from April 5 – 8, 2020 in Oxford U.K.

This four-day international event brings together literacy specialists, including education and language academics, aspirational young learners, innovators and leaders from government and not for profit bodies, all with a commitment in the pursuit of improved literacy opportunity across the globe.

Call for Papers

Recognising the vital role of research and academia in the improvement of literacy, your views and expertise dealing first-hand with digital, financial and generational illiteracy, research gaps, the distribution of evidence-based practices, and more, would be welcomed.

In addition to your attendance, l would be delighted if you submitted a paper, project/organization insights, or abstract linked to the conference theme ‘Reading Changes Lives!’ with the view to
presenting at the summit.

Secure your attendance

Exchange new ideas face-to-face with other like-minded peers, apply and share your research and establish global partnerships for future collaboration. To secure our Early Bird Rate (valid until 31 January) register online at