The World Literacy Council is a peak body that supports and facilitates connections between educational organisations on a global scale. It is the intention of the council to establish strong links between literacy groups worldwide in order to speak with a single voice to raise awareness of the state of literacy rates.

The council is a strictly secular and non-political organisation that seeks to promote literacy as the key to alleviating world poverty and promoting peaceful interactions between nations.

In an increasingly interconnected and communicative global environment, The World Literacy Council offers a platform for likeminded organisations, groups and individuals to meet, share ideas, successes, improvements and together champion the cause of literacy.

The World Literacy Council hosts conferences, distributes literacy awards, fosters young achievers and lobbies governments for governmental change and development.

Why Literacy?

Literacy, the ability to read and write, is a basic human right. The attainment of an adequate level of literacy empowers individuals, families and communities with the ability to take charge of their lives and futures. Furthermore, literacy enriches lives and is transformative in encouraging better outcomes for health, wellbeing, prosperity and happiness. To read more about the personal, political, cultural, social and economic benefits of literacy, we encourage you to read UNESCO’s 2012 EFA Report. The World Literacy Council is passionate about advancing literacy around the world so that all people can enjoy literacy’s benefits.

What We Do

We are the foremost body providing representation to literacy NGOs. We connect the literacy community, raise the profile of literacy causes and provide a strong platform for discussion, debate and action for the advancement of literacy. Here is just a small sample of the activities the World Literacy Council engages in:

  • Holding the Annual Conference of the World Literacy Council, held concurrently every second year with the World Literacy Summit
  • Disseminating the latest developments and research into literacy in developing countries and the developed world including the undertaking of our own research
  • Acting as a representative for literacy at both the governmental and UN level
  • Creating opportunities for organisations to network and collaborate
  • Delivering staff training (online and in-classroom) on the best-practice delivery of literacy programs and projects
  • Facilitating the raising of funds, particularly for developing countries
About Us - Mission Statement

The Chair has now sent a letter out to the board members regarding next year’s World Literacy Summit.

Mission Statement

The World Literacy Council is the peak global body representing literacy NGOs. We connect, engage and empower the global literacy community for the benefit of literacy advancement worldwide.

Membership is open to all NGOs with an interest in literacy advancement. As a member, your organisation joins an ever-growing network committed to enacting positive literacy change.