World Literacy Parliament

The World Literacy Parliament meets every two years at the conclusion of the World Literacy Summit.
The parliament represents more than one hundred and fifty literacy organisations in one hundred countries. The World Literacy Parliament provides an open forum for debating critical issues relating to the raising of world literacy rates. Critical issues relating to literacy are raised and debated openly, such as economic, social, gendered and other issues.

The action arm of the World Literacy Council—the parliament—creates a declaration of recommendations that is sent to the department
• Explore the key issues impacting literacy around the world
• Analyse the latest literacy delivery methods and teaching approaches
• Increase awareness of the global literacy crisis (775 million people worldwide are illiterate)
• Create opportunities for delegates to collaborate in supporting literacy

A place for debating of issues
• Transforming Illiteracy
• Specialised Programmes for Unique Cultures
• New Technologies in Learning
• The Long-Term Cost of Literacy Difficulties
• Adult Literacy
• Country-specific interventions
• Early childhood literacy
• Illiteracy in Urban Areas of the Developed World