Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation believes that positive and practical change to closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people starts with literacy and numeracy. Our vision is for a future where all Indigenous children can pursue quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the country.

Mission Statement
The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation seeks to transform the lives of Indigenous children by focusing on literacy and numeracy education. Working in collaboration with local communities and partners, we develop literacy skills with Indigenous children so that they can succeed at school and beyond.
The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit, charitable organisation that relies on the generous support of the community to achieve its work.

Our Values
Through its programs, the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation enacts the following core values:
• Passion and commitment for the rights of Indigenous children so they can have the same opportunities as non-Indigenous children
• A belief in the power of literacy as the most powerful tool we have to unlocking doors and conquering poverty
• A spirit of belonging, community, cooperation and active participation in the delivery of all activities
• A belief in the ability of Indigenous culture to inspire and guide Indigenous learning
• Empowerment of others so that they have the confidence and self determination to make choices and achieve their personal goals
• A belief in the importance of parent and community adult engagement in learning as a pathway to improving school outcomes
• A belief that all learning must be tailored to suit the environment and circumstances of regional communities
• A belief that all activities must be delivered in a manner that promotes learning in an enjoyable, engaging and safe environment
• A respect for Indigenous culture and the traditional Indigenous education system

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